While all of the services Kreative Web solutions is able to deliver can be requested individually, most of our customers decide they are best served when they purchase our services as a part of a wider agreement. This led us to formulate several well-defined packages, each of them designed to be utilized by a specific type of business organization, thus combining wide spectrum of options for business owners with convenience characteristic for package deals. Not surprisingly, this mode of cooperation has become immensely popular with our clients, so we embraced it and tried to include as many smart packages as we possibly could.

Our customers can find a perfectly shaped offer for their needs regardless of their budgets, since Kreative Web solutions delivers the entire range of online business solutions, from simple web presentations to complex interactive environments. Our approach puts the customer in the driving seat and allows total control of expenses, as well as flexible handling of technological features in line with realistic business needs. Depending on the structure of their business operations and their online presence strategy, clients can select one of the packages Kreative Web solutions has prepared:


While there is no doubt whether internet is a great place to connect with your customers, why not go another step further and actually complete the sale online? That's what Kreative's e-commerce package can empower you to do, taking care of security issues and technical requirements in a convincing fashion so that you can concentrate on building up your sales volume! Instant access to millions of potential customers and the possibility to close the deal within a few seconds are huge advantages in the modern marketplace, making this package an excellent value for each retail-oriented company searching for a way to extend its outreach beyond its home market.

Selling goods over the internet can sound complicated, but in reality there is little to worry about once our proven e-commerce solution is implemented and optimized for your particular situation. However, Kreative will stand by your side throughout the process and resolve any issues that might arise at no extra cost for the client, since our e-commerce package includes the following standard services:

  • Domain registration
  • Up to 1GB hosting
  • Personalized graphics
  • Multi-currency support
  • 15 professional e-mail accounts
  • Secure administration section
  • Website statistics
  • Content management
  • Quick search and shopping cart features
  • Catalogues and featured product lists
  • Customization of product and customer categories
  • Complete history of orders and invoices
  • Maintenance of customers' accounts

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